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During the 3rd celebration of the HENGJIE FESTIVAL, we are pretty grateful for the contributions of our entire staff!

We've been through the mill for 18 years, pulling out all the stops, going through all the barriers.

We've been thriving for 18 years, on solid ground, better than in the past.

In this time of congratulation, let us share the glow and then make the company great again!

In order to enrich our after-work activities, construct the company culture, spread the optimistic energy for the whole company, increase the cohesive capability for every team, we organized the HENGJIE festival which was held by the party branch and coordinated by the labour union and administrative department, that brings out the bewildering variety of the performances, in the middle of the feast, we set up an attractive lottery to capture on all employees' eye-watching, and completely made all of us over the moon as well.

First part

A special money-grabbing dance was performed by all the leaders from different departments. It completely fired up the whole crowd in our venue, and everybody shook hands with their leader.

Second part

It consisted of a variety of diverse performances, for example, chorus, traditional dance, short sketch, comic dialogue, which were acted by our versatile colleagues.

Third part

The fight for a stool was a complete display of the unity in our team.

Fourth part

Another game also made the venue full of laughter. Meanwhile, the joy disseminated to the whole company. On top of that, we've got a lot of gifts for our games.

Fifth part

In a pleasant atmosphere, we opened the most stunning process in our whole feast, the lottery!

In the end, we were in the midst of ocean delights, singing and dancing together to recharge our batteries for a better future, we believe the best is still yet to come.