Energy‐efficient LLC power brings good news

With the demand for higher power of LED cabinet luminaires, LED power supply, Hengjie will launch a new power supply based on the latest LLC technology, which is specially used for display cabinets and furniture lighting. This is a new generation of topological technology that directly defeat traditional flyback power supplies.


l  Higher power efficiency

The resonant topology completely reduce switch on off consumption. This is the breakthrough to solve the problem of power efficiency.

The average efficiency for LLC resonantbased driver Is more than 90%, it has better performance compare with other power supply based on same wattage. Thus it is a very good choice for the high power LED driver used in the lighting application.

l  small and super slim size

The new LLC driver can have smaller and slim size compare with traditional LED driver. It’s very good application into the cabinet consume with very limit room, or  perfectly hide into the compact case.

What benefit does the new LLC driver bring to us. For example, 50W driver, the traditional efficiencyonly 85%, while our LLC driver reach 90% in the same watts. Thus result in higher efficiency, smaller size, lower thermal and longer lifetime. With the increased demand for high power in the cabinet and display industry, also more and more demanding on the small volume, we predict that such technologies will become more widely used in the future.


Below is the advantage of HengJie LLC resonant‐based LED driver:

l  Special size and design suits for long and narrow installation space;

30W size is 216*30*16mm,

75W size is 246*30*16mm,

100W sizeis 284*30*16.5mm,

l  No load power consumption 0.5w(1% kilowatt-hour per day);

l  Faststart-up time 0.5S

l  Efficiency :92% ( AC 230V, full load) save energy for consumer

l  Low noise control, less than 26dB

l  Optimized matching for PWM dimming

l  5 years Warranty

There are many advantages to the LLC driver solution in LED luminaire systems. There will be more advances in the LED driver technology in the coming years. Incorporating these advances into our product lines and work the minto consumer design, come to our basic mind for Hengjie’s devoting to creating value.

We are committed to bring you new opportunities and success!


LLC, means inductor(L),inductor(L),capacity(C), three component resonant transformer. The LLC resonantis a new technology in LED driver industry, specially for big power.

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