UltrathinHigh-Adaptability Triac CV Driver – Designed specially for LED furniture lighting industry

HENGJIE focus on LED Furniture Lighting Solutions, during the actual lighting application, we usually got feedback from our customers that they want to simplify the operation, for instance, how to switch/dim all the LED lightings in one room only by one switch? And how to switch/dim both 12V & 24V LED lightings also through only one switch? All these interesting questions give birth to our new ultrathin Triac CV drivers series.

Two connecting solutions based oncustomer’s demand:


  • One Triac Dimmer control all the LED Lightings in one room

  • One Triac Dimmer control both 12V & 24V LED lightings

With the rapid development of LED industry, the incandescent lamps are gradually replaced by LED Lightings, but the triac dimmer who mainly dim incandescent lamps are still active on the market because of it’s low cost and easy connecting method. So HENGJIE develop this new Triac CV series to work with the existing triac dimmers.

Just connect our Triac CV drivers to your existing one master triac dimmer, you can control all the connected lightings as you want, super easy operation!


Main Characteristics of HENGJIE Triac CV Seris:

1.         Ultra thinsize special designed for furniture application

2.         Digital control technology, unique algorithms, compatible with 95% leading-edge dimmers & 80% trailing edge dimmers on the market.

3.         Stepless dimming: 5%-100% by trailingor leading edge dimmers.

4.         No flicker, jump and other general problems in the dimming process.

5.         Efficiency: >85%.

6.         Start up time≤0.5s.

7.         Noise control within 28db.

8.         Min loading: 5%.

9.         No visual damage (PWM output <1kHz).

10.     Simple cable connecting: L & N, noG cable.

11.     Comply with Safty Extra Low Voltage standard.

12.     Comply with IEC61000-3-2 Harmonic Standard.

13.     Over Temp Protection; Over Voltage Protection; Over Load Protection; Short Circuit Protection.

14.     Warranty: 5 years.


Working Theory


LED Power Supply plays an important role for the LED Lightings, as a manufacture who focus on LED Furniture Lighting solutions, HENGJIE always devoteto bring customer high-reliable super-slim power supply that can well fit in to the limited furniture space and also develop new products that can well meet customers’ fast growing demand.

HENGJIE committed to bring our customers most valuable products in the furniture lighting solution industry, and we also can well support on customized project with non-disclosure system. We are the right business partner of you!

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