Hengjie finally realizing “Light goes everywhere”

There are some defects for normal LED strip in current market:

■ LED dot visible

Some LED strips are non-uniform and harsh. You could see LED dot clearly like below product.

■ Limit application

Some LED strips have single structure and have limit access to multiple scenes. If you want to get it bent, the choice is only using connector which may has dark area after installation.

Connection for normal LED strip

■ Color temperature shift

As the LED strip is glued, color temperature will shift to a higher stage. Operating principle is that we glue the strip and emerge secondary bounces, so that color temperature will shift.

Before glue                     After glue

We launch a new product to solve above problems. Here I would like to introduce the highlight:

■ Side-emitting design

We use side-emitting design for this silicone strip. Light is uniform and feels more comfortable. It improves lighting quality.

Side-emitting lighting

Sche-matic design

■ Color temperature more stable

We use extruded solution for this strip. There is space between LED and glue. It is easier to control color temperature. Comparing with normal LED strip, this one could realize color temperature you need easier.

Sectional drawing

■ Abundant structure, easy to bend

This product is made of heat-resistant silicone. The feature is stretch resistant and it has high strength which make it more malleable. This could rotate and bend from various angles. We use food grade silicone and it’s safer and environmental. It could also be used in food cabinet. Moreover, the min. thickness we could do is 3mm which realize lighting in narrow space.

Fit with lighting control

Now we have three sensor switches for option: Hand waving, Touch sensor and PIR sensor. They could be connected with silicone LED strip closely, finally realizing smart home.

Hengjie is dedicated to providing solution for furniture light and display light, including light, connection, lighting control and LED driver system. We are dedicated to creating value.

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