All-Electric injection machine introduced

We have introduced All-Electric injection machine.

Zhafir Venus II All-Electric injection machine integrated Germany's most advanced design concepts, and with following characteristics: 

1. The use of new design of the injection unit brings more stablity and dynamics in the injection movement;

2. Easy replecement of the modules and a accessibility for cleaning and maintenance;

Matching of the servo motor and servo drive enables further improvement of the acceleration rate and utilization of renewable resources, 3. realizing energy saving;

4. More efficiency and a smooth operation performance through optimization of the mechanical structure. This delivers an optimized speed curve and reduced dry cycle times;

5. The encoder on mold height adjustment decreases the setup times during mold changes;

6. The ejector rapid release coupling decreases the mold change times;

7. The twin ball screw for the ejector balance speed and torque for high acceleration and precision.

Ningbo Technic Lighting keep introducing advanced equipment to improve production efficiency and keep competitive.

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