I, our mission:

Intention to create value.

II, our vision:

Be the best furniture lighting systems manufacturer in the World.

III, our values:

Satisfy customer, be grateful, keep on innovation, work efficiently, system first, prepared to carry responsibility.

IV, the core concept:

1. Business philosophy: Gather the most professional talents, make the first-class products, and be the world-class enterprise.

2. Entrepreneurial philosophy: No one can succeed easily.

3. Competitive concept: Enhance ourselves, subduing the enemy without fighting.

4. Life concept: Be severe with oneself and lenient towards others.

5. Salary concept: The achievement is rewarded, and no achievement is a disgrace.

6. Management philosophy: People will gather if you share with them, no one will follow if you hold money with hands. Do your own to lead others, discipline yourself to convince others.

V, work guidelines:

Absolutely obey, Carry out with no reservation, Execute Immediately, Super team, United as one, Our sharpness can cut through metal, Match deeds with words, Seek truth from facts, Do as promised, Optimistic and positive, Focus on positive, Cut off negative, Serious and responsible, Intentions first, Clever second, Stick to promise, Never give up, Race to the first.

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